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August 10, 2007

I just wanna be..


So I'll paint a chalet on my cow, I will. Because I am a proud resident on America's Little Switzerland.


August 07, 2007


"Specializing in Christmas and Lace"

Also, another fiberglass cow.


*Bring Your Own Arsenic

August 03, 2007

New Glarus Cow

How could take your town slogan, say, something like "America's Little Switzerland", and make it more Wisconsin-y?

The obvious answer, of course, is to convince every local business owner to buy a life sized fiberglass cow they can decorate to advertise.

This one, for example. Because it's, like, a Swiss town, with a Brown Swiss cow, and you know, they sell Swiss Army Knives. Get it? It is kinda subtle. Feel free to take some time to figure it out. We'll wait.


August 02, 2007

Take a Journey

"You'll wanna take the highway to the Self Mockery Trail exit, make a hard right, and well, after that you're on your own."


December 18, 2005

Mouse with Cheese

Stolen cheese
By June Goff Smith

You may call that grey mouse
Slightly dumb...
But he justly knows
Where his lunch comes from,
He is smart, and mighty quick
For he carries with him
A tiny stick....
He can trip that trap
In a very short time
Grab that cheese
And quickly run
So you can see that
Grey mouse not dumb.

God help us all if Wisconsin ever teams up the town of Ingersoll, Ontario (Canada). Which has a cheese poet laureate.

December 08, 2005


I never thought I'd live to see Fender do this. But wow.

December 04, 2005

On the Seasons

Radical commentary is no reason to forget to enjoy the seasons.

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